Salute Coffeeshop

The name Salute Coffeeshop must have ring a bell in your head by now! Salut which means ‘Hi’ in french and with the intention of ‘saluting to the customers and tenants for giving them a chance to come out with original tasty food’, thus give birth to the name Salute Coffeeshop.  Salute is filled with … More Salute Coffeeshop

6 Must Eats in Johor

1. Restoran Kam Long Located at a convenient spot near City Square Mall Johor has attracted the stomach of many. With the use of fresh red snapper fish head as the main ingredient accompanied with generous serving of cabbage, lady fingers, long beans and fried beancurd skin, cooked in a claypot over strong fire upon ordering … More 6 Must Eats in Johor

Fresh Fruits Lab

Fresh Fruit Lab or otherwise known as FFL, has been around the cafe scene for a good amount of time. FFL has differentiated themselves with a laboratory-inspired theme and fruits infused food/drinks menu. It’s conveniently located just a 5-10 mins walk away from Kembagan Station along the bustling Changi Road, attracting quite a decent number … More Fresh Fruits Lab