Curious Palette


Overtaking the previous tenant along prinsep street, “Playnation”, now sits the bustling Curious Palette, sister cafe of Strangers Reunion. Despite the plentiful of seating, there’s still always crowd queue during the weekends. Decked in a coat of artistic sculptures lighting and wooden furniture together with the dining crowd, the cafe is filled with youthful exuberance. One of the signature dish Curious Palette is known for, is none other than their Ricotta Hotcakes. Not only that, i must admit they have quite an extensive menu of food variety!


Bustling crowd seen within the cafe


Drinks Menu


Brunch Menu


Lunch Menu


Pot of Sencha Tea (cant really remember the price, but should be in the $8 range). It’s very light and smooth, ending with a fruity note.


Curious Croque Madamme ($17.90). It’s like a multi-grain sandwich with freshly shaved prosciutto, semi dried tomatoes and cheddar paprika bechamel topped with a pair of well seasoned curious eggs cooked to perfection, retaining the runny nature of the yolks! Served with fresh greens and truffle sweet potatoes fries. Subtle truffle flavor amidst the sweet firm and crisp sweet potatoes fries. Quite an amazing brunch dish to start your day off with!

All in all, curious palette dished out pretty interesting food items of good flavors and quality with a hint of uniqueness! Can’t wait to be back for more.


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