Non Entree


Non Entree Desserts has created a swirl and a twirl up the desserts cafe scene. Despite the off the way location, it’s exquisite and delicate handcrafted plated desserts has definitely attracted many dessert lovers.


Just looking at the galore of pretty looking dainty pieces, don’t they make you drool?


Simplistic menu concise with their cakes and coffee selections.


La Rose ($12.90): Rose mousse layered with Raspberry Jelly & fresh frozen lychees topped with a sexy looking lips raspberry. Mousse was smooth and flavors were pleasant and mellow. With distinct layers of raspberry jelly and frozen lychees, good blend of sweet and sour within this pretty big pink pearl.


Rubber Ducky ($12.90): Frozen exotic ducky sorbet sitting in a tub of lemongrass foam, fresh mango puree & creme fraiche pudding with sago! Layers of surprises, varying the texture and flavor level. Flow of sweetness amidst sea of tartness. Just could not take my eyes off such a cutie with such explosive burst of flavors!


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